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High Speed Door


BLO high speed doors are designed for fast open and close, allowing people and/or equipment to move quickly through the opening. This type of doors is ideal for large size opening and designed for high performance daily use both internally and externally with minimal maintenance. The door operated as speed > 1m/s, this model doors offers beneficial energy saving in both commercial and industrial application. In additional it reduces noise and dust from nearby working areas. It was ideally choice for many commercial and industrial application...

1)2mm weaven fiber to ensure the material more durable using.

2)Fast opening speed(1.5m/s)

3)Less bacteria growth without brush in the frame suited for Pharmacy and Food industry

4)High and stable perfomance

Main features:

Using location External&Internal door
Door curtain material 1.2 mm thick PVC with transparent PVC stripe
Door frame Standard galvanized steel(option: 304 stainless steel)
Door control system Servo Micro-processor
Self Trouble-Shooting Recognizing system
Door designing Designed for a long run and reasonable price
Door operation High frequency motor with converter
Safe Equipment Beep, Anti-wind Bar, Traffic Light, Wireless safety Edge
Motor location on both sides are ok
Safety equipments Standard light barriar
Door max size 5m(W)x5m(H)
Wind load max 11m/s
Opening speed 1.2m/s
Closing speed 0.6m/s
Option induction loop, radar, pull-cord, push button, remote contro


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