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80-250mm Automatic Horizontal Move CZ Purlin Interchangeable Roll Forming Machine


Machine Main Components




1 set

Roll former

(include feeding, pinching and leveling structure, hydraulic punching structure, roll former, hydraulic cut off)

1 set

Exit rack

2 sets

Electrical control system

1 set

Hydraulic control system

1 set

Technical Flow

Passive decoiler → entry guide → pinching and leveling → hydraulic punching → hydraulic pre-cut → roll former → exit rack


Main Technical Parameters

1,Decoiler: passive uncoiling, manual expansion

2,Coil weight: max 5 tons

3,Coil ID: Φ508 mm

4,Decoiler range:Φ450-540mm

5,Forming Stand: qualified welded profile steel

6,Roll former type: cast iron stand type and gear box drive

7,Roll former guide feeding stand: side wheel type

8,Leveling type: 2 rolls pinching and 5 rolls leveling (2 up and 3 down )

9,Feeding and leveling motor power: 4kw

10,Leveling Shaft diameter: about Φ90mm

11,Leveling Shaft material: qualified 40Cr

12,Leveling shaft heat treatment: surface high frequency quenching

13,Leveling mechanism reducer: cycloid

14,Pre-cut blade material: Cr12mov(HRC58-62)

16,Cut width: ≤600mm

17,Cut thickness: ≤ 4.0mm

18,Length tolerance: ±1.5mm(PLC control)

19,Punching: hydraulic punching 4 positions

20,Punching mould: 4 sets

21,Material of up and down moulds: Cr12MOV

22,Up and down moulds heat treatment: Quench HRC 58-60

23,Hydraulic station structure: 5 circuits

24,Hydraulic system power: 15kw

25,Hydraulic system solenoid valve : Beijing Huade

26,Hydraulic oil pump: plunge pump

27,Hydraulic system cooling mode: air cooling

28,Roll former main motor power: 30kw(hardened reducer)

29,Roll former speed: 10-18m/min (exclude punch an cut time)

30,Forming station: 18 stations

31,Shaft material: 40Cr hardening and tempering(HB220-260)

32,Bearing brand: HRB

33,Roller: 1 set (Different width is accomplished by frame transverse movement, and C/Z conversion is accomplished by 180 degrees rotation of one side mould)

34,Transverse motor power: 3kw(0.75kw x2,1.5kw x1)

35,Shaft diameter: Φ90mm

36,Coil thickness: 1.0-4 mm

37,Spread width of rolling material: based on the actual width of the test plate

38,Roller material: Cr12mov

39,Roller heat treatment: quenching(HRC58-62)

40,Exit rack: 2 sets



43,Touch screen:MCGS

44,Encoder: Omron

Machine line pictures


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