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The trend in development cold bending industry is as follows

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1. Improvement of Technical Equipment Level

In recent years, the technical equipment level of the domestic cold roll forming industry has been continuously improved. In combination with the situation of their own factories, various enterprises have independently developed or imported advanced equipment from abroad, so that their equipment level has been constantly rising, production technology has been continuously improved, and technical capacity has been continuously improved, which has promoted the development of a number of high-speed rolling mills. Scale, efficiency and intensity are gradually developing, thus achieving the goal of producing high-quality products with high efficiency. Note: At present, cold roll forming steel accounts for 1.8% of the total steel, 2.2% after 5 years, with an average annual growth rate of 13%.

2. Establishment of Industry Research Platform

With the great development of cold roll forming steel industry in China, it is urgent to strengthen the research on the basic theory of cold roll forming steel in order to adapt to the continuous development of production practice and provide theoretical guidance for production practice. Under this situation, some domestic enterprises have concentrated their superior resources, set up their own research platforms, utilized their own experience accumulation, and focused on strengthening the research and development of cold roll forming theory and profiles with complex profiles, in order to obtain in the fierce market competition.

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