About Us

At BLO Machinery Equipment, we take pride in being at the forefront of high-quality, efficient machinery manufacturing. Our mission is to deliver outstanding solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries.

Products and Services

From cold roll forming machine to auto-producing line, our product range spans across a wide spectrum of mechanical manufacturing. Our team is renowned for its technical expertise and profound understanding of customer requirements, ensuring the best solutions for you.
Recovery volume
BLO designs and manufactures industry leading rollforming equipment 100% manufactured in houseFrom start to finish, Metal Rollforming Systems is your trusted partner.Metal Rollforming Systems aims to be your one-stop shop’ for all your rollforming needs, allowing our customers to save time and money when purchasing a rollformer Along with our complete panel lines, we specialize in custom trim profiles along with all the needed accessories to complete your metal panel needs.


Quality Craftsmanship

BLO manufactures 100%in-house to ensure that the highestquality standards are met consistently.