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Characteristics of molding machine

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n recent years, the forming machine has been converted to the production of large components with special shape and high added value. There are two points deserving special attention in production, one is to change the preparation process and improve the rate of operation technology; the other is high-precision forming technology.

Replacement of Preparatory Procedures and Improvement of Operating Rate Technology

1) Straightener with dicephalic drawbench

About 30% of large-scale and long-size products are made of wire. Therefore, it is very important to supply wire varieties in time because of the high frequency of replacement. Straightener with dicephaly drawbench is different from straightener used in production.,It is a straightener parallel to a straightener used as standby. In the process of forming, it can load wire, straighten the bending part, and make preparations for supplying wire for the forming machine. When the wire is used up in production, as long as it is replaced by a straightener loaded with the next production wire, the preparation process for wire replacement can be completed, which greatly shortens the replacement time.

2)Integral Replacement System of Forging Die Device

The whole replacement system of forging die device uses hydraulic cylinder to fix the negative die and the positive die for clamping the forging die, so the button can be used for switch operation in the replacement preparation process. Because the forging die device can be replaced entirely by the special driving vehicle or robot in the workshop, the preparation time for replacement can be shortened.

3)Elevating gear of cavity block

In general, there are more than two cavity blocks for large forging dies. In order to lift cavity block in the forging die machine, because of the fear that the negative die will be scratched by the frame, the lifting operation of the cavity block should be cautious and difficult. Using the lifting device of the cavity block, the lifting operation of the cavity block can be simplified, and t

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