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Maintenance of cold bending machine

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During the use of cold roll forming, special attention should be paid to maintenance, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine, so as not to affect the normal production, but also to maximize the service life of the equipment.

1. Maintenance of rolls. Rollers need to be added antirust oil every ten days or so. When the equipment is planned to be used for a long time, it should also be brushed with antirust oil.

2. Maintenance of cutting tool mould. Cutting tool mould, where friction occurs, lubricating oil is added every half minute in the production process to avoid accelerated wear and tear of the cutting tool. In addition, when we see that the burr is too big to meet the requirements because the knife edge is not sharp enough, we should deal with it in time. Otherwise, when it is too serious, the blade or abrasives may be damaged.

3. Maintenance of punching die. The maintenance of punching die is the same as that of the cutting tool die. When it is found that the die is not sharp enough, it is necessary to grind the die flat to make it sharper.

4. Maintenance of transmission mechanism. For cold roll forming machine, the friction of the transmission mechanism is very serious, here the transmission mechanism refers to a chain, gear, reducer and so on. When these parts work for a long time with high strength, the wear rate increases. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the lubrication treatment of these parts. When working, the gear should be lubricated once every half a minute or so. The reducer should check the amount of oil once every ten days. The amount of oil added each time should be kept at two-thirds of the oil level according to the actual situation.

5. Maintenance of circuit. For some unprofessional users, circuit problems are more troublesome, so we should pay more attention to protect the circuit, do a good job of dust, moisture and oil protection. Wires should be protected from damage.

The above-mentioned maintenance methods are strictly implemented by cold roll 

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