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Characteristics of rolling shutter door

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Characteristics of rolling shutter door  

1. The thickness of the curtain is 0.8mm-1.5mm, the height of the curtain can reach 9m-14m (the curtain model is 60-120), and the width of the curtain is 4m-12m. The ability of wind resistance is large, reaching level 11.

2. The wind resistant rolling shutter door adopts the shaft with diameter of 80mm-165mm and 6063t5 aluminum alloy guide rail with diameter of 80-100mm.

3. Anti wind roller shutter door surface treatment using electrostatic powder spraying, anti-corrosion, anti scratch, easy to clean, long color durability. Surface paint treatment, durable weather resistance, anti sunlight, anti rain, anti-corrosion, anti scratch, in case of slight collision can rebound recovery, such as external damage can do single curtain replacement, can be added in the curtain between the daylighting profile, let your car bathe in the sun.

4. A variety of installation methods can be selected for external and internal installation. The medium decoration installation does not require high space, does not occupy the internal space of the garage door, has the advantages of simple installation, fast construction speed, saving construction period, beautiful and fashionable appearance.

5. The anti wind rolling shutter door is very safe, and can be additionally installed with infrared radiation system and wireless remote control device. Youtai rolling shutter garage door has self-developed automatic rolling shutter door anti-theft interlock device, which can realize anti-theft by self weight of the door body and is more safe.

6. Anti wind rolling door electric rolling garage door is driven by AC tubular motor or external motor, 220 V or 110 V, power saving, safe, silent, with thermal protection device. UPS backup power supply or manual chain can be configured to prevent the door from opening normally in case of power failure.

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