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Single Skin Garage Door Panel Line


Windows & doors foam insulated shutters slat machine parameters: 

Model (for windows):  37mm; 39mm; 42mm; 45mm (flat);55 mm

Model (for doors): 77mm; 90mm; 95mm; 98mm; 100mm


Double head un-coiler ----- feeder guide --- roll forming –Heating device-- --PU Injection -roll forming – keep heating box --- ---- Pneumatic punching hole ------PLC control --- Flying saw cutting unit --- 6 meters roller run out table

Single Skin Garage Door Panel Line 7


①Double head un-coiler:     2 tons capacity manual         one/unit

②Main frame of forming machine   one/unit

④Straighten part        one / unit

⑤ Pneumatic flying saw cutting machine        one / unit     

⑥ Simple roller stacker     6 meters          one/unit

⑦ PLC system:          One/unit

8. PU Foam injection machine: One/ set

Single Skin Garage Door Panel Line 8

Specification for Foam machine:

1. Motor power: total 5.5 KW; 380V; 50/60HZ China brand

2. Mixing head with one spare is included

3. Mixing pump quantity: 8g/Second

4. Density: 70~80 Kg/m3

5. Mixing type: mechanical & automatic

6. Washing:  Automatic

7. Tank volume: 50 KG / tank. Both Poly and ISO

8. Brand of Foam machine: GREAT WALL.

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