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Track Rails Forming Machine


Technical parameters as below:

1、Suitable plate of the rolling :For your choice

2、Forming speed: 3-5m/min (pre-punching system is included)

3、Forming stands: 12

     Thickness: 1.5 ~2.0mm

4、Roller material: CR15, HRC 60 Degree. Roller diameter φ120

5、Material of principal axis: Fine steel modulation processing of 45(axis diameter:φ50)

6、Sprocket wheel: 45 steel high-frequencies quench; distance 25.4. Quantity: 13pcs

7、Motor power: 7.5 KW

8、Cut-off system: Adopts hydraulic pressure drive, cut off after forming.

9、Hydraulic system electrical machinery power: 3 KW

10、Hydraulic system pressure: 10Mpa

11、PLC Control system: Delta system

12、Rack row of work place: Steel rack of 446X199H; Detachable wall plate type row of work place

13、Overall Dimension: 3500mmX700mmX900mm

14、Total weight: 2.5 ton approximately

15、Un-coiler: 2 Ton capacity of manual un-coiler

16、The production procession

Un-coiler ---------- Feeding device -------Roll forming ---- Pre-punching- PLC control --- Hydraulic cutting ---- Run out table


Track rails forming machine-2

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