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Awning Tube Series Forming Machine


Awning tube series forming machine-1Awning tube series forming machine-2


1、Running material: Galvanized steel 1.0mm ~1.2mm

2、Forming speed: 10m/min

3、Forming stands: 24

4、Roller material: GCr15、HRC60℃. diameter φ140、Maximal roller diameter:φ200

5、Material of shaft: #45 steel, China standard

6、Chain transmission system

7、Motor power: 7.5 KW; 380V; 50HZ/60HZ

8、Cut-off system: Flying saw no stop cutting. Automatic cutting

9、Fly saw cutting motor power : 4 KW

10、Control system: Brand of Delta; Touch screen is brand of Delta;Encoder is Omron brand; the Inverter is the Delta brand; others low voltage electric components are Schneider Germany

11、Overall Dimension: 13000mmX1000mmX900mm

12、Total weight: 11 ton approximately

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